Limited – edition fashion

Combine beauty and ethics in your style

Progetto Quid is a social enterprise that provides safe employment to vulnerable peoplemainly women — who have fought and overcome difficult situations on a personal or social level (victims of violence or human trafficking, people with disabilities or that have struggled with alcoholism or drug addiction, former inmates and migrants who are seeking asylum or a new opportunity in Italy).

We cultivate the unexplored talent of these resourceful and resilient persons, involving them in the production of ethical fashion products that carry the brand “Progetto Quid”.

We believe in the power of Beauty, and that limits are starting points.


The Fall Winter 18/19 collection by Progetto Quid is inspired by all those women, past and present, who made a mark: special women who speak to our passions, to our dreams, to our ideas.

From actress Audrey Hepburn to singer Nina Simone and mathematician Dorothy Vaughan, these are our Wonder Women but we are, too — unique, extraordinary, everyday.